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Business: Die Cutting and Finishing Systems Manufacturer
Location: Corby, UK

Problem: Client had a long time near full-time IT consultant who was taking the company for granted, showing up late for jobs, leaving early and “working from home”. The network was unstable and a long list of unresolved IT issues was building up. The company’s staff was getting frustrated with management because the computer network was interfering with them to accomplish their jobs. The consultant had no formal training and had learned their skills on the job. The cost of the consultant to the company was averaging £1,500/month.

Solution: SE Ltd provided a dedicated level 3 IT tech that provided all management and IT support to the client. The client had a single point of contact for all IT issues and total accountability since the tech work and managed all IT issues. The tech came onsite 2 hours a day 2 times a week. The cost to the company was £1,000/month.

Conclusion: The client reduced their IT support labor costs by a third while vastly increasing the level of support to the company’s staff. Within 2 weeks the list of outstanding IT issues was resolved and the tech fixed the issues that was causing the network instability. Further, since the company was working with SE Ltd, they felt good knowing they always had a backup tech when their main tech was on vacation or should that tech get ill.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support

Business: Physical Therapy Clinic
Location: Northamptonshire, UK

Problem: Client had a managed service company charging them a fixed fee per month per computer with a total fixed cost of £1600/month. Initially this sounded great, until they realized the quality of support they were getting was from low level techs with limited experience. Access to higher level 3 tech was very limited. The IT company made money when support was provided by lesser qualified technicians, not from more expensive higher level technicians.

Solution: SE Ltd proposed a monthly service plan with a dedicated tech which would visit once per month for 4 hours at a cost of £480. The tech was a highly qualified, certified computer network engineer that could solve any possible problem they had. The tech provided on single point of contact and accountability. The client also appreciated the onsite face to face time with the tech.

Conclusion: The client reduced their IT support costs by 2/3rds and increased the quality of their tech.

Northamptonshire - Virtualization


Business: Waste Management Firm
Location: London, UK
Number of computers: 270
Number of servers: 6

Problem: Client had server different important applications related to their business running on 6 different physical servers which was expensive and not easy to maintain. Also, the client didn’t have a disaster recovery plan. When it came time to upgrade some of the servers, the client became concerned about the cost of upgrading 6 different physical servers.

Solution: SE Ltd virtualized the 6 physical servers into 2 physical servers each running 3 different virtual servers using Microsoft Hyper-V – which was free. Now, the client could move the virtual servers from physical server to physical server in the event of an emergency or even to perform maintenance during the business day without affecting productivity. The client saved £20,000 in hardware/software/service costs by switching to virtual servers and the company has all the same computing resources they had before as well as a disaster recovery plan.

 IT Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Business: Housing Relocation Firm
Location: Kettering, UK
Number of computers: 8
Numbers of servers: 1

Problem: Client had a server but wanted to not deal with having their server onsite, or even an IT infrastructure in their office. They wanted their IT to be a flat rate expense.

Solution: SE Ltd virtualized the server at their office and connected everyone by VPN to their server which was hosted at our datacenter. SE Ltd provided a dedicated tech to their account who took all of their calls. The client no longer had the headache of managing a computer network, yet had full-control of their data and IT infrastructure. SE Ltd handled the maintenance, backups and support. The client will always retain the ability to take their virtual server off our system and move it anywhere they want – it is their server. The client got rid of managing their network at a cost of £125/computer/month and £250/month for the server, for a flat rate of £1,250



Business: Manufacturer Sales Rep
Location: Coventry, UK
Number of computers: 15
Number of servers: 1

Problem: Client needed a very easy way to share and manage documents across their company. The client was mostly comprised of a sales force that was located in 6 different states. The company was routinely creating many Word, Excel and PowerPoint and PDF documents that needed to be easily searched, and revisions managed. The biggest need of all though was that the documents needed to be easily accessible with the end users doing as little as possible to securely connect to the network.

Solution: SE Ltd implemented Microsoft SharePoint – which is free. SE Ltd moved all documents into SharePoint, created folders and special workspaces for the sales staff to work on documents together, share information and manage revisions. All of these documents were not easily available by a web browser - no VPN was needed, and all data between the user’s web browser and the corporate office was encrypted. Users could easily search documents, download, upload and check out documents so that others didn’t make changes until the user checked the document back in.

Conclusion: The client had no software cost, and £400 worth if IT service time to greatly improved the efficiency of the sales staff to communicate and work on documents together. Instead of trying to remember folder names and searching through folders on a file server and not knowing if the version they had was current or not, the users were now easily doing searches to find their documents on a web interface and could see which version was the latest and if anyone was working on it. None of the users needed any special software or IT support to connect securely to the corporate network.

  Northamptonshire IT Guarantee


Eurotrace (client since 2003)

"SE Ltd brought a level or professionalism to our IT infrastructure that previously didn't have. Before SE Ltd, we were working with a consultant that was a one man show and lacked experience, training and support that SE Ltd brings to the table. With SE Ltd we have a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants that know us personally and how our business runs. They respond very quickly by phone or email and always put us through quickly to a technician whenever we call."

Clare Chivers
Managing Director
Eurotrace Trading Ltd

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E:D Truckin (client since 1997)

"Before SE Ltd, we were working with another IT support company that never really gave us the response we wanted. We also questioned their commitment to us as a client. SE Ltd came in and installed a Microsoft Small Business Server, updated our desktop computers, and cleaned up the computer network. Our system is now the most stable it has even been. The technicians at SE Ltd are friendly, polite and very responsive. We are very happy with SE Ltd.”

Mark Gray
E:D Truckin Ltd

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Nutrafeed (client since 2005)

"Best call I ever made! Being an engineer, it is natural for me to try to solve computer problems myself. When it came time to upgrade our entire computer network though, I decided that I needed a professional firm to help us make this transition as smooth as possible. SE Ltd did just that. SE Ltd installed two new servers, a firewall, network antivirus, terminal server and a VPN. The functionality and stability of our network is greatly improved and I was able to spend more of my time working on my business, and not on IT.

Depot Manager

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TVCT (client since 1998)

"SE Ltd installed a terminal server solution that greatly reduced our dependence on expensive-to-maintain desktop computers as well as increased the ability of our remote users to access system resources the same way local users do. SE Ltd installed an Exchange Server which we use for email, shared calendars, shared contact information and mobile email access with our Pocket PC Phones. SE Ltd has been a real ally in helping us use technology to a competitive advantage.

Lorna McGoldrick
Senior Manager
Thrapston Volunteer Center

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Scorpion Security (client since 2004)

"I called on SE Ltd to help us restore a total system shut-down. Servers were down, equipment was damaged and we even needed a few PC’s replaced. Not only did SE Ltd answer our call after hours but they were very prompt to respond and a delight to work with. These guys got my team back up in no-time! Great work Guys and thanks again. "

Mark Bennet
Scorption Security Ltd

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MMC Worldwide (client since 2003)

" When I decided to outsource our IT department I received a lot of skepticism because of our previous experience. Another business owner referred me to SE Ltd and their service has been superb! Great response times, on-site visits with off-site support. You guys made me look like a star! "

Grahame Clarke
MMC Worldwide

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PMG Ltd (client since 2010)

" After researching reliable, affordable, IT solutions in Northamptonshire, I came across SE Ltd. These guys have not only made our workplace more efficient but they are surprisingly efficient and cost-effective. It’s like having an IT person staffed without the cost! I’ve recommended SE Ltd to other organizations and even called them after hours a few times. Thanks you SE Ltd, you have a customer for life… "

Pete McGowan

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